TAs section

TA Resources

There are a number of ways to access support for Bruin Learn on Canvas. Self-paced courses and modules, live trainings, and recorded webinars can be accessed below. 

Resource & Link Description
Bruin Learn Resources Canvas Training Course Site
Live Training Upcoming Live Training Events
Recorded Webinars Links to Previous Training Sessions and Workshops
Resource & Link DESCRIPTION
Platform integrated tools (LTis) Status of LTIs in Bruin Learn

Additionally, faculty can reach out to Bruin Learn support through the following channels:

Resource & Link Description
Chat with Canvas Support  Live chat with Canvas Support (24/7)
Call Canvas Support Call 855-335-9041 (24/7)
Submit a Ticket to Canvas Support Submit an Issue to Canvas Support (24/7)
bruinlearn-support@it.ucla.edu For technical issues or Canvas access needs
LMSTransformation@it.ucla.edu For LMS Transformation Program questions