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Faculty and Teaching
Assistant FAQS


  • When will I have access to Bruin Learn?
  • All faculty will receive access to Bruin Learn (built on the Canvas platform) on September 1, 2021. For next steps, visit the Getting Started Guide for Faculty.
  • How do I log into Bruin Learn?
  • The Bruin Learn home page is https://bruinlearn.ucla.edu/. You will be able to login with your UCLA Logon ID. 
  • What is Sandbox access in Bruin Learn?
  • Sandboxes are course shells used to build content in a space that can be reset and changed without allowing student access.
  • How do I load my courses into Bruin Learn?
  • Courses will be automatically created in Bruin Learn according to the Registrar's Office course schedules.
  • Will course materials from CCLE be migrated to Bruin Learn?
  • Some courses have been migrated to Bruin Learn, however, the functionality between CCLE and Bruin Learn does vary. For more information, visit the Bruin Learn Activity Transition Guide.
  • Will there still be availability to CCLE in the future and will faculty have access to material that is more than two years old?
  • By Winter 2022, a majority of UCLA will have made the transition to Bruin Learn. However, an archival tool is being developed to access the stored content in CCLE back through 2012. Additionally, CCLE courses older than two years old that are needed for initial use in the new platform can be migrated by the program team.
  • How does Bruin Learn ensure student confidentiality?
  • Student confidentiality is of utmost concern and will be treated very similarly to the way CCLE is handling it currently. Bruin Learn has been vetted by all the privacy checkpoints on campus. Student grades will remain part of the central campus data pools and will not be moved or stored in Bruin Learn. In addition, the LMS program team will be devoting attention to HIPAA-related data protections, as well.
  • Will support staff have access to Bruin Learn?
  • Yes, support staff have access to Bruin Learn. 
  • What do I do if I can’t see my course in Bruin Learn?
  • Speak with your department administrator to ensure your course is correctly mapped to the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes. If your course is listed in the schedule of classes but there is no site in Bruin Learn, or for other questions, please contact bruinlearn-support@it.ucla.edu.
  • If I am teaching a Concurrent, Multiple-listed, or Cross-Campus Enrollment course, will Bruin Learn automatically merge each of those course sections into one course site?
  • The LMS Transformation Team will be working to merge these officially combined course sections into one Bruin Learn course site as they are identified each term.
  • What happens if my department hasn’t assigned faculty/instructors/TAs to specific courses yet?
  • Courses without either a faculty or a TA assigned to them will not be visible in Bruin Learn until a faculty or TA is assigned through the Registrar’s Office. For further information, please speak with your department administrator.
  • Course shells for classes I don’t need were created. Can these be removed?
  • A solution to removing unneeded course sites will be provided in the future. For the time being, please use the drag-and-drop feature on your Dashboard.
  • How will my students know that their courses are on Bruin Learn?
  • Links to Bruin Learn course sites were available to students in their MyUCLA beginning December 10, 2021 . Additionally, when students log on to Bruin Learn, all of their Bruin Learn courses will be available on their Bruin Learn Dashboard. However, students will not be able to access a course site until it has been published. Instructions on how to publish a course can be found here.